Achieving excellence
in Swimming

No matter what age.


We do it best.

Learning to Swim

New to swimming? Regardless of age or skill, we can customize a program that will be tailored to your level and your needs and  get you started with swimming! Double Time Swim Club swimming lessons are available to anyone over the age of 5.

Pre-competitive Swimming

Preparing for the next swim competition? This is the opportunity to set yourself up for success. Join us today to radically improve your swimming skills based on proven techniques and trainings

Technical Clinic

Ideal for those who have developed improper form and technique over time and unable to make changes in order to swim faster and more efficiently. We will perform drills to improve form, body positioning and technique.


4 lessons per month, once per week at $200
8 lessons per month, 2 times per week at $300
12 lessons per month, 3 times per week at $400

Payments can be made via e-transfer to


5% and 10% discount is available for and second and third sibling, respectively.

New referrals eligible for a 15% discount for that semester.

Location and Hours

All swimming lessons take place at Newtonbrook Secondary School located at 155 Hilda Avenue on Mondays Wednesdays, Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at 9am.
About DoubleTime

We aim to deliver the highest quality of training, and make sure that swimmers are able to progress as fast as they are willing to push themselves.

Alex Ivancenco, CEO



Toronto, Ontario
Alex is the founder and Head Coach at at Double Time Swim Club. Alex is a NCCP certified swim coach. In addition to teaching swimming, he is an ISSA-certified fitness instructor and Exercise Therapist in Toronto.

In addition to coaching the students at Double Time Swim Club, he oversees all of the swimming instructors at Double Time.

Why our clients love us!

Our son has been swimming with Alex for a few years now and we have seen the exponential growth in his swimming. He is courteous and cares about what he does. Highly recommend.

- Sharam Marhamat

Professional swim instructors, highest quality of training, individual approach, affordable prices.

- Maria Yerm

Excellent program for the kids at different swimming levels. Professional team and personal attention to kids abilities motivate children to do their best and teach how to become good swimmers.

- Alessya Lazarchyk